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Boosting the performance of students struggling with mathematics

[13th September 2021] - Last year around this time we reported on a special mathematics program that had been launched in several secondary schools to boost the performance of students struggling with the subject. Let’s take a look back at this edition of this day last year.

Update: According to the principal of one of the participating schools, the materials were put to good use. Martina Belizaire, principal of the Sir Ira Simmons Secondary school, said even during online classes in the first two terms of the school year, the teachers made effective use of the materials during their classes.

She also commended the numeracy coach, Ian Hippolyte for his support during the school, She said she was particularly impressed when he extended the program to the junior classes in the third term and even had an after school program to assist students.

The news team will seek a more in-depth update from the numeracy coach in a later newscast.


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