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A Saint Lucian briefly detained by police for banging kitchenware outside premises of PM Chastanet.

Driving instructor Kingson Jean was briefly detained by police after engaging in a form of protest outside the Prime Minister's residence early Sunday morning, 6th June 2021. Jean was one of two individuals who stood outside PM Chastanet's home, banging kitchenware and demanding that the Prime Minister set a date for general elections. According to reports, Jean was released without charge and the matter is expected to be further investigated by the RSLPF. Our news team will provide any further details as they become available.


Today, June 6th marks the 5th year anniversary of the last general elections and despite increasing calls for a date to be set, the Prime Minister has remained tight lipped on a potential time frame for the next election. While elections are not constitutionally due until early October 2021, there appears to be growing frustration and anxiety within certain sections of the population. Multiple other videos have emerged depicting residents of several communities banging pots and pans and calling for an election date to be set. Both the UWP and the SLP are scheduled to live stream addresses this evening as Saint Lucia observes the anniversary of the last election.

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