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Less than a month after an escaped resident of the Wellness Centre was found deceased, Choice News has learned that another resident of the facility has absconded. While the exact circumstances surrounding the incident have not been verified by authorities, here’s what we have been able to confirm.

On Monday afternoon between 5 and 6pm, a male patient was visiting with two individuals, at least one of whom is believed to be related to him. At some point during the visit, the individual returned to the ward area after reportedly saying that he wanted to use the washroom. According to individuals who were at the facility during the time of the incident, the individual returned to the visiting area after taking a jacket from the ward.

Amanie Mathurin picks up the coverage of this story in this report.

After our team visited the facility on Tuesday, we were told that we were unable to see the Director as she had not been expecting us. At least 4 attempts to reach her by phone have also been unsuccessful.We were also informed by security guards that they were not allowed to speak to the media without authorization. As a result, our questions remain unanswered.So far, we have been unable to verify whether the patient has since been found and brought back to the facility.


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